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🍆【DIVERSIFIED VEGETABLE MANDOLINE】🍆 Our Mandoline Vegetable Slicer includes six different chopper blades. These interchangeable blades allow for thick or thin slicing, dicing, julienne, or chunking. This vegetable chopper offers multiple functions in one highly versatile kitchen utensil. It’s a multifunctional vegetable chopper, making it a perfect gift for family, friends, and cooking enthusiasts.
🥝【PREMIUM QUALITY】🥝The Kitchen Vegetable Chopper is made of top-quality ABS plastic materials and food-grade stainless steel blades, ensuring durability and longevity. The Mandoline Slicer can reduce your chopping time to just a few minutes. It is a great tool that saves time, allowing you to enjoy your life more.
🥕【SAFER DESIGN】🥕 Kitchen Mandoline Vegetable Chopper ensures safety for every cook. With ultra-sharp, hidden stainless steel blades, it protects your hands while delivering efficient cutting. After use, store the blades in the provided container. This makes our mandoline the safest choice for professional slicing.
⏰【EASY TO CLEAN & SAVE SPACE】⏰ Our mandolin Slicer contains different sizes of blades replacement for easy cleaning. You can easily remove food residues on the blade with the small brush we gifted and food catch container keeps countertops clean.Folded design takes up little counter or cupboard space.
🥬【IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH & SAVE TIME】🥬The multifunctional vegetable chopper can help save time and energy when cutting vegetables or fruits. This makes it easier to include vegetables in family meals, which helps reduce the reliance on fast food and ensures that important nutrients are retained.
🏷️Tips: 1.It is not recommended to cut excessively tough or overly tender food. Also, please be mindful of the limited capacity of the container and use an appropriate amount of ingredients. 2.In the event that the food item is excessively large to fit into the ingredient chute, we kindly suggest dividing it into halves or quarters for suitable dimensions. 3.To ensure ingredients fit smoothly through the feed opening, make sure the size of the food is smaller than the diameter of the ingredient chute.
💖【REASSURING SERVICE】💖If there is something else wrong with our Enleber kitchen mandolin vegetable Slicer,you can contact us anytime. We look forward to making the cooking even better.

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Introducing the Upgrade Mandoline Slicer Safe Vegetable Chopper! This versatile kitchen tool allows you to easily slice, julienne, and dice all of your favorite fruits and vegetables with precision. The upgraded design ensures safety and ease of use, making meal prep a breeze. Whether you’re looking to create uniform slices for salads, julienne strips for stir-fries, or perfectly diced veggies for soups, this mandoline slicer has got you covered. Upgrade your kitchen arsenal with this must-have tool today!

Customers say

Customers like the quality of the food slicer, saying it works great and is pleased with the results. They also mention that the hopper is small and the pieces don’t fit together. However, some customers have reported issues with the sturdiness, saying that it is flimsy and can come apart. Opinions are mixed on ease of cleaning.

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13 reviews for Upgrade Mandoline Slicer Safe Vegetable Chopper-Julienne Dic…

  1. Nova Taylor

    Love it!
    I have had the kind that you have to slam shut to chop. This one works much better and is much quieter. Very pleased with the results

  2. Madeline

    I bought this one and returned another one. The other one’s blades were not removeable. We were concern about bacteria build up. My friend uses a power chair. She can raise herself us to the counter and stove. Because, she loves cooking, I bought this for her to try.It is sturdy,it stays in place and is easy to clean. It stays in place so she can use it side ways to steady her position at the counter. She and her assitant, have used it alot since it was delivered. She meal preps for herself and company. This safety tool is a game changer for her.I have seen them slice up many pounds of onions to carmelize.

  3. China Blue

    Very good BUT
    There is no instruction on how to attach the hopper/vege holder onto the front. When you lift the front to put in a slicer plate that is when you slide the hopper/vege holder onto mandolin. Then when you bring the blade door down the hopper/holder is on the mandolin and ready to work.Also, not exactly sure how to keep the receiving box to stay on the mandolin.Other than that it works very well. . . .

  4. Amazon Customer

    Usefull kitchen tool
    Love that your fingers are less likely to come in contact with the blade. Only draw back is the area you put the food into is on the small side. You would not be able to place a whole tomato or onion in it, and most potatoes need to be cut in half.

  5. Juliet Bushinski

    Middle of the road.
    This slicer is not very intuitive when it comes to putting the chute onto the body of the slicer. The catch-it bin is not a tight fit, so you will have counter clean up after every use. Other than that, it does a nice job of slicing or chopping onions and other medium firm veggies.

  6. Mark

    Works great as advertised. Does get jammed once in a while

  7. Bettie Madison

    The parts get out of shape after dish washing.
    I only saw my mandolin was dish washser safe. My recent dish wash rendered the attacmentnts out of shape. The attachments will not fit with other parts of the attachments. I thought I’d finally found an appliance that worked. I can’t tell you how dissapointed nI am.

  8. James W.

    Best mandolin I ever owned
    I have bought multiple mandolins in my life and this is the best by far. I saw it on tik tok and was skeptical but it is as gold as it looks. No more fear of people cutting their fingers!

  9. Kayla

    Excellent cutter. Lots of different thicknesses. Easy to use. Easy to take apart to clean. Looks good in my kitchen. I’m disabled and am glad I found this easy to use gadget. Definitely recommend

  10. Dalançon Francine

    Reçu ma commande rapidement – Un vrai petit bijou – je ne m’attendais pas à cela – moi qui ai des problèmes d’arthrose l’utilisation est vraiment pratique – Très bien pensé ainsi que pour l’entretien – Aussi pas de risque de coupure si on suis le mode d’utilisation – Seul petit bémol, pour les carottes, pour ceux qui ont l’habitude de manger des carottes très fines, cet appareil râpe en julienne et donc, la grille râpe un peu plus épais – En ce qui me concerne cela ne me gêne pas -Vraiment chouette ce petit appareil – Je ne regrette pas mon achat

  11. Gerhard

    Im Vergleich zum Gemüseschneider Börner, wählten wir die alt bewehrte Variante.

  12. Marcia Clarke

    This is a good gadget for someone who cooks a lot, and it does the job well. However, I did not find your assembly instructions on how to add the chute clear enough. This meant I spent a considerable amount of time trying to work it out, which really annoyed me! You have made a promotional video and you haven’t shown how to assemble it in their either. I ended up having to look at a video from one of your customer reviews for assistance. I recommend that you add some better guidance on how to insert the chute for your future customers.

  13. maria edwards

    OMG this is absolutely fabulous, Chops up everything you can imagine. I’ve got Rheumatoid Arthritis, so this has been a game changer for me, now i can prepare all my food with no hassle, its a beauty, if you buy it you wont be disappointed.

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