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Quality Material

All made of premium stainless steel, not just painted in the surface, rust-proof & durable.

Sharp Wires

Easy & quick to cut a chunk butter into slices, time-saving and sturdy, wires won’t break easily.

Even Sizes Cutting

Each piece are of equal size, just like you see in restaurants, good-looking and helping you accurately control amount & calories intake.






🧀【Safe Materials】Constructed from durable stainless steel, this butter slicer cutter offers long lasting quality and resistance against rust and wear
🧀【Makes Portion Control Easy】The butter cutting grid, consisting of 16 equally spaced stainless steel wires, takes into account portion control and allows for precise, even slicing for proper portion size and placement
🧀【Easy and Fast Cutting】The simplistic design and sharp cutting wire ensure easy and quick cutting, reducing prep time and making it a convenient kitchen tool
🧀【Easy to Clean】The cheese cutter stainless steel surface is easy to clean and maintain, effective in preventing stains and odors, both hygienic and suitable for frequent use, small and compact size designed to support dishwasher cleaning
🧀【Wide Application】The butter cutter is a versatile tool in the kitchen as its applications are not limited to butter, but can also be applied to cut cheese, egg, fruit and other softer solid foods

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Introducing the Dreyoo Butter Slicer Cutter Stainless Metal, a must-have kitchen tool for effortlessly slicing and cutting butter. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this butter slicer features 16 sharp blades that make quick work of even the hardest butter.

Whether you’re spreading butter on toast or baking a batch of cookies, this handy tool ensures perfectly sliced butter every time. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting use.

Upgrade your kitchen arsenal with the Dreyoo Butter Slicer Cutter Stainless Metal and enjoy the convenience of perfectly sliced butter with ease.

Customers say

Customers have expressed concerns about the sturdiness of the food slicer. They say it’s flimsy and does not last. Some customers also mention that the finish completely disintegrated. Opinions are mixed on quality.

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9 reviews for Dreyoo Butter Slicer Cutter Stainless Metal, 16 Pcs Sharp St…

  1. michael m.

    Works great!!
    It’s great!!

  2. Consumer

    NOT dishwasher safe!!
    Advertised as dishwasher safe but its finish completely disintegrated and the wires unraveled with the first top-rack washing. Very disappointing…

  3. Amazon Customer

    Easy cut
    This is very helpful when baking.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Slices perfect 16 pieces from one stick of butter easily.
    Easy to use and store.

  5. fhcgsps

    Gets the job done but could be sturdier
    We had once of these from the 40’s. It was my grandmother’s. Sad.y it broke and I replaced it with this product. It’s not nearly as sturdy as my grandmother’s and I’ll probably need to replace this as well. The first one we purchased lasted about a month and the wiring unraveled. Hoping this second one lasts longer.

  6. Kathryn B.

    Great for cutting cheese wafer dough.
    To cut my dough for cheese wafers!

  7. joseph miller

    Nor dishwasher safe
    Received on 3/12/24 very nice product for the most part. I’d originally would have given this product a 4-5 star review. I was washing/drying this by hand and placing it back into the bag it came in, for storage. However around the first of May it was put in the dishwasher. I did not go to use it to slice butter untill a week or two later. As I was slicing the butter through, I noticed a gray/ black smudge on my fingers and on the butter. As well as one side of the cutting wire is now loose. The wire might be stainless steel but the main wirer holder is not. It was great until it wasn’t.

  8. Andrew

    Is NOT dishwasher safe!
    I purchased this specific model because it states dishwasher safe. When it arrived I put it in a normal wash with other dishes and cascade pod to remove any manufacturing oils before using on food. When I removed it from my dishwasher the finish had all been removed and every time I touched it, it turned my hands greyish black. I then washed it by hand and still turned everything it touched greyish black. I am very disappointed!

  9. Spunky

    While this product looks easy to use. It wasn’t I the butter is too soft then it becomes a sticky mess. If the butter is too hard then the wires don’t go through it very well and stick. Some place in the middle of room temp and cold the stick of butter worked the best but still it wasn’t great. it didn’t go through to the bottom. Someone suggest I heat it up in hot water to use. I tried that and it helped a little, but then it created another problem the metal (not the wire) started to spot like it was going to rust. This one just doesn’t seem to be well though out.

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